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The personal touch of accounting

There are many accounting firms in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. It isn’t hard to find dedicated, competent professionals to compile payroll taxes, assist with audited financial statements, or help with financial reporting. But what is a lot harder is finding a small business accountant that really stands out from the pack.

CS Accounting isn’t just about the money, it’s about service. It’s about having an accountant and a process that works with many different types of customers and businesses, and believes in a continuous, connected workflow. It’s about patience and results, and about doing the best job possible tailored to any budget.

Our biggest goal is freeing up wasted hours for our clients. There’s no reason to make costly mistakes when we can step in and help. You’re busy. Your customers and your business are busy. Our goal as an accounting firm is to make sure you can focus on the things you do best while letting us focus on what we do best. Let us help you spend your time wisely, and manage your money smartly.

What we offer is more than just the basics of accounting or bookkeeping. We are a genuine resource to help you grow. We offer insights into how to position your finances to help them grow. We assist with setting and attaining goals, whatever they may be. We ensure that you are positioned to handle growth without falling into financial pitfalls that commonly plague many small businesses.

Cash flow is an essential element for any business, and successfully managing that is the difference between a business thriving and a business dying. CS Accounting is dedicated to keeping every business thriving, no matter the circumstances. COVID, for instance, has brought numerous challenges, but nothing has been harder than watching small businesses struggle to make ends meet financially. As a small business ourselves, we understand how hard it is, and how much work it takes to stay on your feet. There’s no guesswork with us; we account for everything, ensuring each cent is used correctly. We also offer virtual financial consulting and accounting services to help preserve social safety.

We also excel at consulting with businesses on best practices and how to avoid common errors. What can seem correct or easy can prove to be difficult and perilous for anyone new to a business or new to accounting for their revenue. A larger accounting firm wouldn’t provide this sort of guidance, and would simply wait to help you manage the fix rather than manage the prevention in the first place. We save you money every step of the way.

There’s no business too small or too big to benefit from a personal touch. There’s no individual too well-off that they can afford to make financial mistakes. We’re here for all of it. We’re here for the best small business accounting services in Lincoln and Omaha that cater to every firm and need. What you need most, we can provide.

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