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We have helped numerous businesses by handling their public accounting needs. We have handled the rigorous demands of manufacturing accounting utilizing hyperion practices to keep track of every fine detail for upper management. We have performed agricultural accounting where it is vital to keep track of the costs of seeds, chemicals, and manage the Nebraska gasoline tax as well as sales and use taxes. We also have experience in Government accounting from working with the state of Nebraska, including all relevant CFRs, as well as managing finances as the treasurer for a small town outside Lincoln handling all of their payables and receivables. No matter your industry we can help you grow.

Accounts payable/ Accounts receivable

We can handle all of your accounts payable and receivable including managing any opportunities to maximize your return on investment. We can discuss the options with you such as stretching your payables or proactively managing any net options in your supply chain contracts.


By handling your invoicing we are able to take care of all your cash flows both in and out of your business. While you maintain full control, we are able to administer and track all aspects of your business's cash flow.


In addition to successfully both bringing payroll in-house to large businesses, we have helped businesses to set up systems such as ADP to handle all of their payroll needs. We have handled payroll for businesses as large as 350 people including all of the taxes and expenses as well as Federal and State unemployment taxes, Federal and State withholding taxes, 941, and 940 withholding. Additionally, we can help you set up electronically as the Federal government now wants the withholding paid within five days.


We are experienced in handling taxes across a wide range of industries. From Agriculture, manufacturing, medical, or payroll it can be a daunting task to keep track of all applicable taxes. With your years of experience, we can keep track of everything you must pay and ensure you do not miss any relevant due dates.


Banks are not perfect and it is important to reconcile your accounts. In addition to our experience setting up ACH automated clearing house accounts we also perform reconciliations. In a reconciliation we go through your deposit records, electronic payments, and expenses. We compare what the bank has versus what you think you have and ensure everything adds up properly. It is important to swiftly hold a bank accountable as after a certain time errors are more difficult to resolve. We find any discrepancies and use your accounting data to resolve any problems. 

“Reliable, Friendly, and Dependable! Clinton is a true professional, in every sense of the word."

Julie Brezenski, Lincoln, NE

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